Requested Transportation & Infrastructure Projects


As your representative in Washington, my goal is to meet the needs of communities in Macomb and Oakland Counties. Congress has decided to use our firsthand understanding of our districts’ needs to help determine the best uses of a modest portion of federal dollars. I’m excited to have this chance to advocate for the resources we need and tackle the issues I’ve heard about from you when we’ve met in line for coffee, at the grocery store or at one of my town halls.

The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure is providing an opportunity for Members of Congress to submit requests for surface transportation project designations from their districts. Below is a list of the projects I have asked the Committee to consider for federal funding. These projects would improve our roads, make streets safer for pedestrians and bikers, reduce vehicle emissions, invest in lower income communities, boost accessibility for our neighbors with disabilities, and more.


Macomb County

Project name: Mound Road INFRA – 11 Mile/I-696 to M-59

Project location: Mound Road from 10 Mile Road to 15 Mile Road (ZIP: 48092)

Project sponsor: Macomb County

Federal funds requested: $10,000,000

The federal funds requested would be used for planning and final design of the Mound Road/Detroit Arsenal Connector Project, which is part of a larger project to reconstruct 9 miles of Mound Road from its intersection with Interstate 696 (at 10 Mile Road) to the intersection with State Route M-59. Mound Road is a heavily traveled, 30-year-old highway that is in urgent need of reconstruction and repaving. Without significant reconstruction, the roadway will be unable to service existing demand, resulting in slower traffic, increased congestion and more frequent vehicular accidents.

 Mound Road Map

Center Line

Project name: 10 Mile Signal Modernization

Project location: 10 Mile Road between Lawrence Avenue and Sherwood Avenue (ZIP: 48015)

Project sponsor: City of Center Line

Federal funds requested: $550,068

This project consists of improvements to traffic signals, pavement markings, and signage at a busy intersection to reduce danger to pedestrians and drivers. These improvements will help make transportation much safer in this area, particularly for pedestrians. Theses intersections are very near to a subsidized senior housing building as well as apartment buildings that house some of the lower income residents of Center Line.


Project name: Toepfer Drive Reconstruction – Kelly Road to Beaconsfield Avenue

Project location: Toepfer Drive (8 ½ Mile Road) from Kelly Road to Beaconsfield Avenue (ZIP: 48021)

Project sponsor: City of Eastpointe

Federal funds requested: $1,166,000

This project entails the complete reconstruction of Toepfer Drive from Kelly Road to Beaconsfield Avenue, a major residential collector street. The project would consist of the complete removal of the existing concrete road and replacing it with a new concrete road with an integral concrete curb and gutter, new aggregate base, new storm drainage system within the right-of-way, new driveway approaches for residential properties to accommodate adjustments to new roadway elevations, and replacement sidewalk ramps at intersections to comply with ADA requirements.

Map of district 3

Fraser/Clinton Township

Project name: Kelly Road

Project location: Kelly Road between 14 Mile Road and 15 Mile Road (ZIP: 40826)

Project sponsor: City of Fraser

Federal funds requested: $3,500,000

This project entails the reconstruction of Kelly Road between 14 Mile Road and 15 Mile Road. In addition, the communities will add sidewalks along both sides of the road, reducing flooding and improving drainage. This roadway has experienced advanced deterioration, which is impacting local businesses’ ability to transport manufactured goods effectively. The improved roadway surface will benefit the surrounding industrial, commercial, and residential neighborhoods with improved transportation reliability, reduced vehicle emissions, and reduced noise pollution. Further, the addition of sidewalks will reduce the potential for pedestrian crashes, of which there have been two in the last three years.

Map of district 4

Mount Clemens

Project name: Hubbard Street Rehabilitation

Project location: Hubbard Street from Groesbeck Highway to the Canadian National Rail Road (ZIP: 48043)

Project sponsor: City of Mount Clemens

Federal funds requested: $1,178,000

This project consists of 0.5 miles of full depth road concrete pavement repairs, base course repairs, concrete curb and gutter repairs, drainage structure adjustment and repairs, sidewalk ramp improvements, permanent pavement markings, and related work. The goal of this project is to repair infrastructure, above and below ground, vital to continuing commercial activity and providing continued accessibility to residential areas in Mount Clemens.

TNI mt.clemens

Roseville/Clinton Township

Project name: 14 Mile Road

Project location: 14 Mile Road between Kelly Road and Gratiot Avenue (ZIP: 48066)

Project sponsor: City of Roseville

Federal funds requested: $3,100,000

This project will consist of substantial resurfacing, correcting base failures, improving drainage, adding curbs where needed, and improving shoulders. Clinton Township has also committed to the replacement of an aging water main along the corridor. This road is a major east-west corridor into the adjacent Cities of Fraser and St. Clair Shores. This project will address the roadway surface condition for improved rideability, which will result in reduced vehicle emissions and reduced noise pollution. The project will also improve roadway drainage and bring many elements of roadway geometric design to current standards, improving safety. As 14 Mile Road is a SMART bus route, this project will improve transit service, reduce wear and tear on transit vehicles and upgrade bus stops to meet ADA requirements. Finally, this project invests in the residential neighborhoods along the northern half of the roadway, which are considered low-moderate income.

TNI Roseville


Project name: Chicago Road Restoration Project

Project location: Chicago Road, west of Van Dyke (ZIP: 48092)

Project sponsor: City of Warren

Federal funds requested: $2,800,000

This project consists of the removal and replacement of badly deteriorated pavement and 2,000 lineal feet of old cast iron water main. Chicago Road is a key roadway with an average daily vehicle count in excess of 20,000. It is an important route for fire and emergency vehicles and Warren Consolidated Schools’ buses.

TNI Warren


Oakland County

Project name: Reconstruction of 13 Mile from Inkster to Telegraph

Project location: 13 Mile Road, between Inkster Road and Telegraph Road (ZIP: 48359)

Project sponsor: The Road Commission for Oakland County

Federal funds requested: $7,280,000

13 Mile Road in the Village of Franklin carries approximately 12,000 vehicles a day.  The surface condition is currently rated poor on the PASER scale and is in critical need of reconstruction.  Reconstructing this road will provide a safe and efficient route for motorists.

TNI Oakland

Beverly Hills

Project name: 14 Mile Rd. Rehabilitation, Lahser to Evergreen

Project location: 14 Mile Road, between Evergreen Road and Lahser Road (ZIP: 48025)

Project sponsor: Village of Beverly Hills

Federal funds requested: $1,208,080

This project will improve a critical connection between the Village of Beverly Hills, Bloomfield Township, and the City of Birmingham. The project’s goal is to improve safety and extend the pavement's useful life through partial reconstruction. Removing the existing pavement surface and repairing any base issues found will provide the repair's maximum service life, maximizing the return on the money spent. This road provides access to vital community services and recreation, including two schools.



Project name: Woodward Moves Complete Streets Plan

Project location: Woodward Avenue from 8 Mile Road to 10 Mile Road (ZIP: 48220, 48069)

Project sponsor: City of Ferndale

Federal funds requested: $400,000

This project would redesign Woodward Avenue to increase pedestrian safety, green infrastructure, accessibility, and non-motorized mobility along the corridor. It consists of repurposing one vehicular travel lane and reducing on-street parking on both sides of Woodward Avenue to enable a two-way protected bicycle lane, better visibility for pedestrians and vehicles turning on and off Woodward and using crosswalks, strategically-located sidewalk/crosswalk bump-outs and bio-swales, and safer crossings from one side of Woodward to the other.

TNI Ferndale

Hazel Park

Project name: Woodward Heights Resurfacing Project

Project location: Woodward Heights Boulevard, from Dequindre Road to Cayuga Avenue (ZIP: 48030)

Project sponsor: City of Hazel Park

Federal funds requested: $400,000

This project consists of road resurfacing, a road diet to three lanes, as well as the implementation of a designated bike lane. These road improvements will reduce damage to automobiles and enhance safety. The implementation of bike sharrows and bike lanes will connect Warren and Hazel Park to a bike route that runs from Ferndale to Berkley and Oak Park. This would increase access to Hazel Park and strengthen multi-modal transportation. These improvements would allow people without automobiles to feel more confident walking or biking along this artery to services or bus stations, especially at the Tri-County Commerce Center just north of Woodward Heights. This new industrial campus has brought thousands of new jobs to the area.

TNI Hazel Park

Royal Oak

Project name: S. Main Street Improvements

Project location: S. Main Street from Lincoln Avenue to 11 Mile Road (ZIP: 48067)

Project sponsor: City of Royal Oak

Federal funds requested: $1,040,000

This project includes 0.5 miles of road resurfacing, base repairs, installation of permeable pavers for green infrastructure, ADA sidewalk ramp improvements, pedestrian refuge islands, and permanent pavement markings. This project provides a comprehensive roadway design that is safer and more inviting for people visiting downtown Royal Oak. The project includes greater accessibility by providing ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps. Pedestrian refuge islands will also provide additional safety measures at roadway crossings by reducing average speeds. These safety measures are also known to increase non-motorized transportation, which reduces carbon emissions. The proposed project also enhances environmental sustainability through the implementation of permeable pavers to absorb stormwater runoff.

TNI Royal Oak


The House of Representatives’ rules forbid any member of Congress from pursuing funding to further his or her financial interest, or that of his or her immediate family. Each member requesting funding must certify in writing that there is no such interest and make that certification available to the public. I have opted voluntarily to set stricter guidelines for myself. As such, I will not pursue funding for a project in which any member of the Levin family, any contributor to my campaign, or any other party closely affiliated with me has a financial interest.

Linked below are letters certifying that I have no financial interest in the projects listed here:

To learn more about the community project funding process, I encourage you to review our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here