WATCH: Rep. Levin Gives Powerful Remarks During Drug Pricing Bill Markup

October 17, 2019
Press Release
Rep. Levin told the story of the prohibitively high cost of his son’s vital treatment for Crohn’s disease, which was only available because of his access to good insurance.

In the House Education and Labor Committee markup of the Lower Drug Costs Now Act today, vice chair Rep. Andy Levin made a powerful appeal to support the bill so that people like his son could receive the essential treatments they need to be healthy.

After sharing the story of his son Saul’s extraordinarily expensive and critical treatment for Crohn’s disease, Congressman Levin said:

“We have so many families in our country who are rationing drugs. What if Saul couldn’t have gone up to a higher dose than normal? He wouldn’t have achieved his full biological height and weight and stature. So this is what we’re actually talking about this morning.”

Watch the full clip:

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Congressman Levin has also introduced the STOP GAMES Act  to lower drug costs and increase access to generics by preventing drugmakers from gaming the Food and Drug Administration’s approval process.