VIDEO: Congressman Andy Levin Statement on USMCA Vote

December 19, 2019
Press Release

Congressman Andy Levin today made the below remarks from the House Floor on the USMCA vote:

“The threshold question for any NAFTA replacement must be whether it will finally stop the outflow of American jobs and raise the standard of living for Mexican, Canadian, and, of course, American workers.

“My Democratic colleagues have worked tirelessly to ensure NAFTA’s replacement leads to positive change. And I thank them for their efforts, which have improved the deal President Trump originally negotiated.

“But these improvements will not be enough to overhaul the entrenched system in Mexico that denies workers their rights, keeps wages unconscionably low and, consequently, incentivizes companies to ship jobs to Mexico—and out of our communities, like mine in Southeast Michigan.

“Mexico has not demonstrated the will meaningfully to reform its labor system, and the weakness of the USMCA’s enforcement mechanisms means that we will not be able to hold Mexico’s feet to the fire when promised reforms do not occur.

“I genuinely hope I am wrong about this. But I fear we can expect that USMCA will perpetuate the harms of NAFTA for Mexican and American workers alike. Therefore, I oppose this legislation.”