Rep. Levin Statement on Trump’s Inadequate New Overtime Rule

September 24, 2019
Press Release

Following the Trump Administration’s failure to support workers by issuing a new rule that sets the overtime pay salary threshold at a meager $35,568, Education and Labor Committee Vice Chair Andy Levin made the following statement:

“Trump’s new overtime pay rule is an insult to working people,” Congressman Levin said. “Unfortunately, this new rule is consistent with the President’s repeated attacks against working people and his failure to lift Americans out of poverty. On one hand, it’s baffling that the President would think that someone making just $35,568 a year is not deserving of overtime pay. On the other hand, it further demonstrates that President Trump is completely disconnected from workers in Midwestern manufacturing states like Michigan. Workers deserve their fair share of profits they produce, and they deserve better than what they’re getting from the Trump Administration.”