Rep. Andy Levin Statement on House Passage of Historic $2 Trillion Investment and Relief Package for COVID-19

March 27, 2020
Press Release

Congressman Andy Levin, vice chair of the House Education and Labor Committee, released the following statement after the House passed the third bill to aid the response effort to COVID-19.

“America is truly in crisis, and we must and will come together to save lives and help the millions of families who have lost their livelihoods. American families, workers and small businesses require urgent assistance because of the unprecedented disruptions caused by the coronavirus. With the bill passed today, we will provide that assistance through the immediate infusion of money to families, massively expanded unemployment insurance, forgivable loans to small businesses and more.

“Mitch McConnell responded to Americans’ needs in this time of crisis with a corporate bailout bill. But Democrats transformed it into something that will provide vital relief to the vast majority of Americans.

“The bill now provides $100 billion to hospitals and other providers to bolster our health systems, in addition to new funding to get personal protective equipment to health care workers. And while the bill includes $1 billion for Defense Production Act activities, I remain frustrated that the president is not using his full Defense Production Act powers to coordinate and direct the response effort to the pandemic—something that has bipartisan support.

“The package includes $345,000,000 in local and state grants to support workforce response and recovery efforts, a key component of my Workforce Emergency Response Act. I introduced this bill this week to empower workers through training to bolster the response to COVID-19, and I will fight to see the remainder of this bill signed into law as we craft our ongoing response to the pandemic.

“While we improved the bill tremendously, it will not be enough to see us through this crisis. As we legislate further, we must prioritize saving the United States Postal Service and helping our brave postal workers, establishing emergency safety standards for health care workers confronting the crisis, turning water back on for anyone who has had it shut off while being told to wash their hands, providing cost-free treatment and vaccines for COVID-19 as they become available and more.

“This is a moment where we must make as much progress for the people as we can, and then turn around and get right back to work to make more. That is what I pledge to do until our country is fully recovered from the coronavirus outbreak.”