Levin Statement Ahead of 25th Amendment Vote

January 12, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Andy Levin (MI-09), an early supporter of invoking the 25th amendment and an original cosponsor of Rep. David Cicilline’s resolution to impeach the president, returned to Washington to cast a historic vote in favor of Rep. Jamie Raskin’s resolution to compel the Vice President to invoke the 25th Amendment. Rep. Levin released the following statement:

“The Constitution’s 25th Amendment instills in the vice president the authority to convene the Cabinet and make a determination as to whether the president is capable of carrying out his responsibilities. After last week’s events, it is plain for the world to see that Donald Trump is unfit to discharge the duties and powers of his office and in fact poses a danger to the American people. That is why I will vote for this resolution calling on Vice President Pence to use the authority vested in him.

“While the Congress cannot force the vice president to act, we will make clear that we support his immediate use of his 25th Amendment powers. Should he decline to use those powers, we are fully prepared to move swiftly and solemnly to exercise our authority to protect the American people and impeach Donald J. Trump for inciting a violent insurrection that cost five Americans their lives.

“January 6th was a world historical event in the life of democratic governance given America’s role as the oldest democracy and our mission to propagate democratic practice globally. The president demanded, led and organized a months-long campaign to overturn a free and fair election with no evidence to support his claims. This culminated in two events: his call to the Georgia secretary of state on January 2nd asking for votes to be “found” and for the election to be thrown for him and then, of course, the insurrection in our Capitol on January 6th.

“To sweep these events under the rug would be a dereliction of duty. While some of my Republican colleagues may be willing to cast aside their oaths to the American people and nullify the votes of millions of Americans, I am committed to upholding my own oath to the Constitution and will vote accordingly.”