Congressman Andy Levin Statement on the NDAA

November 12, 2019
Press Release

Congressman Andy Levin (MI-09) today released the following statement:

This summer, I voted to pass the House’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)—a bill that would prevent an unconstitutional war in Iran, enshrine comprehensive protections from dangerous PFAS chemicals, block funding for a wasteful border wall, and more.

I appreciate that compromise is the essence of this body. But there are some principles on which I cannot compromise. Chief among those are the health and wellbeing of Michiganders. While I believe the House bill we passed this summer met this standard, I fear the bill before us now does not. Critically important provisions have been stripped from the text, like my bill to make clear that this President lacks the authority to launch a dangerous war with Iran and language to control the discharge of PFAS into our drinking water.

So many Michiganders in the 9th district work hard every day to manufacture defense materials that keep our troops safe. I value their work and will continue engaging with them to protect good-paying Michigan jobs. I believe we can do that and still protect our troops from reckless wars and ensure our water is safe to drink.

I also believe we can protect American jobs and security while getting our country’s bloated military budget in order. If we fail to do this, we cannot hope to adequately fund priorities at home—our crumbling infrastructure, the safety of our water, and more—that, make no mistake, are essential to maintaining our national security.

Without safeguards like these in place, I cannot in good conscience vote to authorize more funding for this President’s dangerous military agenda.

As such, I voted against the NDAA conference report.